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Using Donor Advised Funds: Fast Facts for Engaged Grantmakers

When it comes to donor advised funds, every grantmaker should know...

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5 CSR Resources You Can't Forget to Download

Instead of sorting through useless articles to get one actionable tip, come to our resource library and get all your questions answered right now...

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Summertime CSR Reading: Top 2017 Blogs So Far

We’ve gathered our top 6 CSR articles from 2017 (so far!) for your perusal. Find out how to engage employees, use payroll integration, and more!

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3 Best Practices for Creating a Values-Based Company

Creating a value-based company and culture isn’t a one step process. It involves honing in on what your employees want, need, and believe in...

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Company Values: Integrating Them into Your Culture

To attract, motivate and retain top talent, company’s must incorporate company values into everyday work culture.

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How Companies Are Building their Company Culture Around Philanthropy Work

Companies all over are finding ways to develop a workplace with a cause and a way to demonstrate its commitments to community...

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2017 Ovation Award Winners for Philanthropic Excellence

CyberGrants presented the annual Ovation Awards at the 2017 CyberGrants User Conference in Chicago. Illinois Tool Works, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Target, and the U.S. Bank Foundation were all awarded “Ovations” for their philanthropic excellence...

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What Today's Top Talent Wants in an Employer

Swaying a talented individual to build a company’s bench strength isn’t easy, but as today’s workforce is becoming increasingly multi-generational and diverse, it is important to think about what employees want and require from their employer...

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New Resource: 8 Facets of a Seamless Grantmaking Process

With more and more companies using CSR to engage and attract candidates and boost employee engagement, chances are you’ve been thinking about making your process a little bit easier for everyone in the grantmaking spectrum...

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