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How to Optimize Your Grants Lifecycle for a Better ROI

Grants are a spark for the nonprofit fire and often an investment for the organizations who offer them. Without the opportunities presented by grants, many communities or issues would be overlooked and underfinanced...

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Making Grants Management a Win-Win: Balancing Grantmaking & Business Results

It’s not enough to write a check and a press release, nonprofits need more to make these partnerships work and so do the foundations...

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march madness

What March Madness Can Teach You About Employee Engagement

Even if you aren’t quite as interested in March’s college basketball, there are a few hard-hitting employee engagement and CSR lessons to be learned from all the madness...

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Investing in Corporate Philanthropy: Why it Matters More This Year

Both employees and job seekers are watching brands and deciding what products they buy, services they use and careers they take, based in part on the moral standing of that company...

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15 Easy Ways to Engage Employees in Corporate Philanthropy

With corporate social responsibility on the rise, it’s essential to figure out exactly how your business plans to participate and what you can do to make a difference...

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Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Love CyberGrants

With more than half of the Fortune 100 as clients, we’ve helped their employees get excited about creating shared value. It’s hard to hide how much we love our CyberGrants clients...

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8 Unexpected Ways to Reward CSR Participation

Most employees don’t get involved with CSR for the rewards. However, rewarding them regardless of the reason they got involved is a great way to keep participation and engagement high...

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corporate fundraising ideas

15 Corporate Fundraising Ideas You Should Implement Now

Your company may already do gift-matching, product donations, or volunteering events, but one of the best ways to engage employees and give back is to hold fundraising events to benefit a local charity...

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The Company Giving Secret Weapon: Payroll Integration

Increase your employee giving participation by adding payroll integration into your corporate social responsibility program and reap these benefits...

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