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Dear Grantmakers: What Grantees Wish They Could Tell You

In order to sustain long-term grant making success, grantmakers can’t shy away from underlying issues within organizations. Grantees may find it difficult to disclose their weaknesses and the challenges they face for fear of compromising future funding from grantmaker partnerships.

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Employee Giving is the Community Connection Your Company Needs

As a business owner or executive, you know how important having an employee giving program can be for the teams you have working within your organization.

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woman covering her ears

7 Employee Volunteer Program Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Employee volunteering programs are born when a company has a vision for the future and compassion for the community their organization resides within. This mission thrives when employees share a similar vision and have the right means to support it.

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reaching out

How Implementing Giving Can Help You Engage Millennials

As the workforce is increasingly dominated by Millennials, employers are looking toward more meaningful and creative ways to appeal to this emerging generation. One major area that has been gaining considerable attention from Millennials is corporate social responsibility.

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road race team


Teamwork is essential to meeting our clients’ needs, enhancing our product and processes, and managing the inevitable curveballs that come our way.

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caring for employees

Corporate Philanthropy: The Ultimate Strategy for Employee Retention

Corporate philanthropy is continuing to grow as an effective component of many employers’ engagement strategies which is likely why 60% of companies now offer year-round giving and volunteer opportunities to employees, a 22% increase from 2014. What some companies don’t...

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Elephant helped by Disney Conservation Fund

Where Incredible Happens: Disney

How about this for a goal? To be the “most admired company in the world.” That’s the stated mission of the Walt Disney Company. And environmental stewardship is one of the essential pillars of that mission.

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Bob Falk, Cheif Technology Officer

Meet Bob Falk. Interview with CyberGrants’ new CTO.

Get to know Bob – and how he’s building a leading-edge technology foundation for the future of CyberGrants.

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