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Boston Strong flag

Patriots’ Day

Today is a holiday in our state of Massachusetts – Patriots’ Day. It commemorates the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord.

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exchanging a gift

5 Companies Leading the Matching Gifts Programs

Matching gift programs are one of the most effective ways to engage employees in corporate philanthropy. In fact, according to the Giving in Numbers 2015 report, 88% of companies offer at least one Matching Gift program and 71% offer at least two. What makes gift matching so appealing? It directly involves employees in corporate philanthropy and for...

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How and Why to Build a Corporate Volunteer Program (Infographic)

Why Volunteer at Work? See for yourself in CyberGrants' infographic that shows companies why and how they can build a volunteer program.

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employees throwing confetti

10 Stats Proving Your Company Must Celebrate National Volunteer Week

Though employers are developing ways to combat the employee engagement statistics, the staggering number remains - only 31% of employees are engaged. Luckily, the employees are being far more vocal in what they want to see in an employer and who attracts their best, most inspiring work...

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foosball strategy

Want to Recruit Millennials? Consider a Corporate Philanthropy Strategy

From Zappos’ nap room to Google’s on-site medical staff, companies are investing more and more money into extreme perks for their employees. For good reason, too. Compensation and benefits are the top two pieces of information job seekers take into account during their search. However, research on Millennials, who make up half of the workforce...

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giving a hand up

How Corporate Philanthropy Impacts the Bottom Line

The evidence that corporate giving programs improve a company’s performance has been increasingly recognized over the past decade. More employers today than ever understand it is a critical aspect of leading a successful business. However, the scope is too narrow...

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sad employees

5 Reasons Your Workplace Giving Program’s Participation Rate is So LOW

The workforce today values corporate philanthropy and opportunities for volunteering. In fact, according to IO Sustainability, workers are willing to take a pay cut of up to 5% just to work for a company with strong CR policies. So, why is it that workplace giving programs seem to have such stagnant participation numbers? Well, we are so glad you asked...

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woman enjoying nature

The Root of Employee Engagement: Values-Based Programs

You’ve probably read all the stats about employee engagement and how it can skyrocket productivity, efficiency and retention… but has anyone taught you how to do it? Have you really honed in on what your employees want and need so you can create a level of engagement in your workplace you’ve never had before?

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Mark Layden CyberGrants

Meet Mark Layden. Interview with CyberGrants’ CEO

Mark joined the company in June of 2015 when equity firm Waud Capital Partners invested substantially in CyberGrants.

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